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Kitchen tablet holder

Keep it readable, but out of the way. Folds up when not in use.



He’s starting to eat from my hand.

Hazel’s new bed.


Shelldon’s ramp

I was cutting down a tree today, and decided to make Shelldon a new little bridge/ramp/sunning spot. Leads up to the top of his den. He seemed interested,…


Another battle in the war against being buried in gear

Rack had been designed for 3 kayaks. Had four piled on there. Now holds 5 in the same footprint. Has a spot on top for paddles. (Hard to…

I may never cook meat without the Sous-vide again.

I made a roast with the sous-vide. Turned out awesome. I started with a very inexpensive chuck roast, something I’d normally only use in stews, chili or similar….