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He’s starting to eat from my hand.

Hazel’s new bed.


Shelldon’s ramp

I was cutting down a tree today, and decided to make Shelldon a new little bridge/ramp/sunning spot. Leads up to the top of his den. He seemed interested,…


Another battle in the war against being buried in gear

Rack had been designed for 3 kayaks. Had four piled on there. Now holds 5 in the same footprint. Has a spot on top for paddles. (Hard to…

I may never cook meat without the Sous-vide again.

I made a roast with the sous-vide. Turned out awesome. I started with a very inexpensive chuck roast, something I’d normally only use in stews, chili or similar….

Doheny Beach Campout

A fun weekend at the beach.

Maiden Voyage

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe had our first sail on our impulse buy at a garage sale sail boat today. It was also Hazel’s first time sailing ever, and mine in quite a few years. I learned to sail in elementary school, and sailed regularly with my family until college, but since then haven’t done as much. I’d go […]

Getting close

IMG_79521This picture is nearly a month old, and Kim is quite a bit bigger now.  We’ve had several nice showers thrown by generous friends, spent a lot of time getting things ready, and I’m starting to feel ready.  We’ve taken the classes.  We’ve read the books.  I know, full and well, that there is no […]

Mill Creek (Northern California)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA few weeks ago, Geno had the idea to run Mill Creek, near Fresno. When I was trying to find information about it, I kept seeing write-ups about a Mill Creek in N. California, and it looked good. I put it in the brain as “Paddle someday” run. Went and did Mill Creek near Fresno. […]

L’etape de California

228323_10100338322475873_6690270_nLast weekend I did the L’etape de California. From the website: “L’Étape du California provides serious recreational cyclists the opportunity to ride a complete stage of the Amgen Tour of California – and the most challenging stage of the 2011 race at that. Riders will cover the same route as the professionals on Stage 7 […]